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The Volunteer Organization of CPRI is a registered charity that supports the needs of the children, families and programs of CPRI by contributing funds for equipment, special projects, education and research and by fostering new funding resources, community partnerships and positive relationships with our donors and CPRI volunteers.

We See Beyond The Challenges!

The mission of the Volunteer Organization of CPRI website is to make a positive difference in the lives of the children, health families and programs associated with CPRI. Welcome to our website.

You'll find great things on this site:

  • Information about VOCPRI and the projects we support.
  • Up-to-date information about upcoming workshops and other events/fundraisers ... and you can even register and pay online!
  • Easy options for donating to the work of VOCPRI.
  • Our eStore, ed where you can buy the Leaky Brakes DVD, envirobags, noteblocks, and more.

So have a look around and tell us what you think. We`d love your ideas on how we can improve the website and the work of VOCPRI!


Ways to Give
Why Give

"A Great Thing ..."

You are doing a great thing for the CPRI community! As a mother, what you have done for us really means the world to me and has given me a better outlook on life. I have my fight back! <Read More>

Heather & Erynn’s Story

Erynn is a sixteen-year-old girl originally from Alberta, Canada. Like most high school students, Erynn likes to spend time with her friends. She has a creative mind, and when she can’t be with her friends, she keeps herself occupied by browsing the Internet for new and interesting things to do. She enjoys playing and writing about video games. She recently decided to change up her appearance by getting a short haircut. Being the busy girl that she is, she had better things to do than to maintain her long locks. “I told her to try out a bob, but she went for the pixie cut,” laughs Heather, Erynn’s mom.


Rebecca & Max’s Story

Knowledge is power, but the journey to find it can often leave a person feeling discouraged and exhausted. The right information and resources are out there, and seeking them out can be an enduring process, but as Rebecca tells us, “Keep fighting, and never take no for an answer.”