Johnny Profane

Digital Illustrations.

About Johnny’s art:

Johnny is an artist, podcaster, blogger, and singer/songwriter/guitarist who is autistic and uses his platforms to educate and advocate for people with autism. These works are part of “a series of autists who experienced violence at the hands of the police, strangers, friends…family.

Gallery – Autistic Victims of Violence:

“I love darks. I learned this from a vintage, tin, chapel painting from Mexico I owned. Parishioners hang them on the walls in country chapels. Sometimes the priests sell them… after hanging for some time… to traders. Anyway, it was deeply patina-ed, as you first looked you could only see splashes of color and outlines. But as you studied it, it drew you in to find detail in the shadows. It was a participatory journey… like co-creating with the original villager…

So… I tend to recreate that in my work. Largely darks, with high-contrast highlights. Deeply saturated.  HEAVILY influenced by graphic-novel art. I grew up with comics in the 50s… never really got over their story-telling power. What can I say?

What inspires me? I illustrate the internal feelings I have. I try to get the viewer to feel what I felt.”

Memories of Ilyad – Mother of Ilyad Hallak, autist, Meets the Police, 5/30,2020

Autist JJ Vallow & Sister Tylee, Allegedly Killed by Religious Parents, 2020
Paul, Autist, Meets the Bristol Police 8/2015
Autist Kentae Williams, Tortured & Murdered by Adoptive Father, 2017