About Us

About CPRI

CPRI stands for the Child and Parent Resource Institute. CPRI provides highly specialized trauma-informed mental health and developmental services.  These services include Assessment, Consultation, Treatment, Research and Education. CPRI works with your local community services, building on what they have already done. We use evidence based practice and adapt our approach to the unique needs of … Continue reading About CPRI

Vision, Mission, Values

OUR VISION To make a positive difference in the lives of children, families and programs associated with CPRI. OUR MISSION The Volunteer Organization of CPRI is a not-for-profit registered charity that strives to support the individual needs of the children and families as well as programs of CPRI by contributing funds for equipment, special projects, education … Continue reading Vision, Mission, Values

Board of Directors

VOCPRI is governed by a Board of Directors. They are responsible for making decisions regarding policy development, fund-raising initiatives, disbursement of funds and recruitment of Board and General Members. The current slate of officers is: President, Sue Conning Sue worked in the Clinical Records Department at CPRI from 1983 – 2009 and was the CPRI computer … Continue reading Board of Directors