About CPRI

CPRI stands for the Child and Parent Resource Institute. CPRI provides highly specialized trauma-informed mental health and developmental services.  These services include Assessment, Consultation, Treatment, Research and Education.

CPRI works with your local community services, building on what they have already done. We use evidence based practice and adapt our approach to the unique needs of your child.

Outpatient Services
CPRI provides a variety of highly specialized services to children and youth 0 – 18 years of age (and families) with complex mental health and/or developmental disabilities. CPRI provides outpatient services to clients who come for scheduled appointments at CPRI. They also provide service to clients in their own community.

Intensive Services
Intensive (residential) services are short-term and goal specific, serving children and youth ages birth to 18 with complex mental health and/or developmental disabilities. CPRI’s intensive (residential) services provides interdisciplinary assessment and treatment based on the individualized needs and identified goals of children or youth with complex multiple needs.

Supporting Families

CPRI’s specialized staff provide education to families and caregivers about the unique physical, psychological, and social needs of their child or youth. This education can help to improve the quality of life for the young person and their families.

Doctors, parents, schools, social service agencies, and the child or youth in need of service can make a referral. For most services, your child will be referred to CPRI and the Intake department will direct you to the right service.

Voluntary Nature of Services
All of CPRI’s services are voluntary. They need informed consent from the child or youth or their substitute decision-maker (usually you) for every part of their service. CPRI will explain the service to you and your child.

To learn more, visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/child-and-parent-resource-institute-cpri