Board of Directors

VOCPRI is governed by a Board of Directors. They are responsible for making decisions regarding policy development, fund-raising initiatives, disbursement of funds and recruitment of Board and General Members. The current slate of officers is:

President, Sue Conning

sue-conningSue worked in the Clinical Records Department at CPRI from 1983 – 2009 and was the CPRI computer trainer from 1998 -2015. She has been an active member of VOCPRI since her retirement and has held the position of President of the Board of Directors since November 2010.

Past President, Vacant

Vice President, Vacant

Treasurer, Vacant

Secretary, Dale Tassi

I have worked in social work for 30 years -26 of those at CPRI. For many years I admired the  amazing work that VOCPRI has done for families and children. Joining the board after I retired was one way I could give back to this organization and all the wonderful work it has done. Besides that I am loving retirement- star gazing, exercising and gardening are of few of the things that make up every blessed day.

Fund Development Chair, Vacant

Administration Chair, Vacant

Finance Chair, Vacant

Member At Large, Cathy Vandierendonck

Cathy started her volunteer journey in 1988 as a receptionist in the out patient waiting room. Soon after she joined the VOCPRI board and served as president for many years. For the past 27 years she has volunteer as chairperson for Operation Bookmark, an annual fundraiser. Cathy graduated as a Registered X-ray Technologist from Victoria Hospital and later from Fanshawe College as a Personal Support Worker.

Member At Large, Judy Schaffner

Member At Large, Beryle Campbell

Beryle became a volunteer in 1989, working in the client waiting room. She then joined the VOCPRI Board of Directors. Beryle has assisted with VOCPRI’s annual fashion shows, registration for educational workshops, the Silent Auction fundraiser at the Grand Theatre, and the annual Book sale. She is a retired Registered Nurse and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Windsor University.

Member At Large, Holly Labonte

CPRI Staff Liaison (ex-officio)Thomas Ketelaars

CPRI Staff Liaison (ex-officio), Michele McAffer