“Silent Lake” – John Leadston

Original music, written and performed by John Leadston.
Inspired by Silent Lake Provincial Park, Ontario.

About John’s music:

I have ADHD and struggled for many years as the square peg in the round holes of my employer. I also suffer from chronic back pain and episodes of depression.  After years of medication and counseling, I stopped everything and turned towards mindfulness and music.

While I can not remember most of the lyrics to the songs I write, the sounds that I sought in my head give me some relief and focus if only temporary.  Silent Lake is a song about where I want to be.  A place of clarity and acceptance.

Neurodiversity is an asset and a competitive edge when the barriers come down. So my sense of purpose is to reach people and tear down those barriers so that others may succeed.  I’m originally from London and so it gives me pleasure to possibly help out my hometown in some way.

In the meantime, I’ll go back to Silent Lake for a few moments of reflection and repair.”

John is an innovator and creative spirit that brought ice skating trails to Ontario.  He received the Governor General’s Exemplary Service Medal as a Peace Officer, but never felt at home at work.