General Agenda

  • 8:30

    Registration, arrival and general information

  • 8:45

    Welcome, tech support, introductions, conflict of interest reading, Land acknowledgment

  • 9:00 Opening Remarks: Dr. Clare Mitchell / MCCSS representative

    Lived Experience #1
    Keynote: James Reynolds: The evolution of the science behind PAE
    Keynote: Dr. Jean Clinton: Building healthy brains – the way forward

    Breakout rooms:

    • Meet the speakers (main room)
    • Conversation room (networking)

    Morning workshop sessions

    • Katherine E. Willmore and Daniel B. Hardy The impact of prenatal alcohol and/or cannabis on postnatal health outcomes: are there common links?
    • Kaitlyn McLachlan and Brenna Bonn FASD and the law
    • Dilys Haner and Robyn Brady Adding FASD informed approaches into your practice
    • Nancy Lockwood, Darlene Donnelly, and Tanya: Advocacy for adults with FASD and self advocacy
    • Mo Oshalla Understanding speech and language difficulties in FASD
  • 12:30 – 1:00 Lunch

  • 1:30 Welcome back to the main room and conference

    Lived Experience #2
    Keynote: Dr Michael Rieder: Cannabinoids and FASD

  • 2:35 Breakout rooms:

    Lived experience #3

    Afternoon workshops:

    • Oral poster presentations (main room)
    • Dr. Mansfield Mela and Dr. Ana Hanlon-Dearman: Medication use in FASD
    • Dr. Choate and Angela Geddes: Doing things differently – Stigma and the ‘missed ones’
    • Dr. Colin Shapiro and Rabiya Fahmi-Rizvi: Sleep challenges and FASD

    Lived experience #4

    Lived Experience presenters throughout the day

    Closing remarks: Dr. Clare Mitchell | Evaluations

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