London FASD Conference Research Posters – October 28, 2020

How do I view posters during the conference?
Poster presentations begin at 2:45 PM. A link is available for each poster on October 28 in the main classroom, and on this page. Please read through the poster (and watch Sonal’s video), and attend the discussion to speak with Sonal, Nancy, Maude, and Chantel. Feel free to “jump around” to different posters until 3:15.

Outcomes of receiving a FASD Diagnosis in Adulthood: Findings from an Adult FASD Diagnostic Clinic
Sonal Prasad
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Location: Sonal’s Zoom Room
(Meeting ID 767 7183 1951, Passcode CK0ME6)

From a community-based navigation and education pilot project to a multi-systemic approach to supporting children and youth with FASD and their Families
Nancy Lockwood, Maude Champagne

Location: Maude’s Zoom Room 
(Meeting ID 970 9155 4199, Passcode 424752)

Clinician Reported Forensic Assessment Practices for Individuals with FASD
Chantel Ritter

Location: Chantel’s Zoom Room
(Meeting ID 996 2732 1204, Passcode P4R6Nq)

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