Harmony Hall

Year: 2014 

Harmony Hall was created with the intent of dedicating a space at CPRI for child and youth inspired activities for the kids currently utilizing the intensive residential services. The space is inviting, comforting, and contains equipment that can engage children and youth between ages 6 and 18 with a range of ability and challenges relating to developmental and/or mental health.

Such activities may include: book club, art night, karaoke, game tournaments, youth café and peer support.  This project would benefit all of the children and youth in our residential services.


Research indicates that fostering supportive and positive peer relationships can contribute to better outcomes for children and youth.  We hope this space will encourage and support children and youth to build relationships and learn important skills to help them to socialize upon returning to their homes and communities.

Inside the space, comfortable seating, tables and an entertainment centre with large screen TV and gaming system capabilities exist.  Part of our Youth Engagement strategies has been to consult with our young people about their needs.  They have expressed a clear desire to have more social opportunities with their peers.